Forgotten History

February in the United States is Black History Month. I do not care either way about if it’s fair or needed or whatever. However. I do have a MAJOR pet peeve about the month though: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, apparently Oprah, and Rosa Parks are the only famous Americans of African descent who are discussed and quoted!

Harriet Tubman used to be a big name during this month, but her name is slowly falling out of conversation as time passes.

A co-worker of mine reminds us daily that we should be celebrating all this month. The leaders of the workplace have been humoring him with our morning, motivational quote (whole different post I could write on that) being from MLK and Booker T. Washington. This co-worker was going on about how we all could stand to study these greats a bit more and how America would not be the same without them.

Guess whose favorite genres of books have always been historical fiction and non-fiction? That is correct. Yours truly. I decided to give him daily quizzes.

The first: Who was Phyllis Wheatley? Nobody knew. The Answer? She was a brilliant African woman who was stolen from her people and sold into slavery before she turned ten years old. She was sold in the British colonies of North America where her “family” recognized her intelligence and gave her an education which emphasized literature and history far above even what the daughters of most colonists were given. She was a poet. Unfortunately, with the dominance of the slavery in the colonies at that time, her work was not overly welcome. Her family took her to England where she and her work was well-received clearing the path for her to return to success in the colonies, which began to fight for their freedom from Britain. She was freed and continued to write and be close to the family who encouraged this African girl who chose to embrace her circumstances and her new country, the United States of America, until she married another free-man who unfortunately ruined her life and led to her death and the death of their children. Nobody talks about her anymore.

Next I asked about Crispus Attucks. Nobody knew. The first death in the War for Independence of the colonies, of the United States, and nobody remembers him. Nobody remembers that the first death in the Revolutionary War was actually a free-man (granted, that was because he was a runaway slave) with good business sense and worth ethic. MLK praised him for his role in American history, in the founding and fight for America’s freedom.

I don’t have a problem with people remembering and recognizing the importance of MLK and the others mentioned at the beginning of this post because they are more recent. There are still people who remember being a part of their influence on current events. However, don’t completely disregard or discard the importance of those who came before any of us or any of our great-grandparents were alive. Those are the people who paved the way for the recent figures. There were four other men, white men, killed with Crispus Attucks. They were all buried together. The British soldiers who killed the men were taken to trial for the deaths of all five men. The final straw that led to the Revolution, the birth of America started with the death of a black man who died alongside his white, brother sailors. How is that fact so forgotten?

Americans have forgotten their history. It is time to learn again and remember.


Dear Congress. . .

Dear Congress,

Over the last couple weeks, many have directed their opinions of the election toward the President-elect, the failed presidential candidate, and the media. I’ve chosen to address you.

Were you paying attention? Did you see that the citizens of America are tired of the race war the current head of the executive branch and his associates started? Did you see that We the People are tired of the lies that come out of Washington D.C.? We are tired of you trying to force us into a pattern of living that profits you to the extent that you no longer feel guilt over how much you are hurting us.

The United States of America is to be the nation of united individuals not cookie cutter citizens. 

Stop trying to pit people of different cultures against each other! Americans are not racists or xenophobes just because we don’t want to blindly allow or trust the various departments of justice when they report them clear to enter our country. Those departments have repeatedly proven that they are not without flaws in their screening process.

Your job is to create policies and laws that benefit us, the American people. Some of those policies should be geared toward lower the national debt without raising taxes. Here’s our idea: quit raising your salary. Quit exempting yourself from taxes and penalties and national policies you force on us.

Have you heard of Davy Crockett? He was in your place once. He went to Congress to truly help the people he represented. When his term was done, he returned home to help his neighbors in person. Then he served his country – at that point, not even his country, just his fellow man – by taking a final stand at the Alamo. Davy Crockett served the way Congress was designed – temporary! The term limits are supposed to send you back home to get in touch with the everyday, blue-collar Americans you SERVE.

Do  not forget: you are voted into position to serve US. We are not your puppets or pawns in a power play. Instead of wondering if a policy will better those in a party other than yours, wonder if it 1) follows the Constitution, 2) will benefit the American people, and 3) is something the American people want. Do your jobs. We get fired when we don’t do ours.


We the People of the United States of America

History Repeats Itself

Disclaimer: In the following writing, I am NOT claiming America as the Promised Land of the Bible. I am NOT saying America is God’s chosen nation.

Now for the post.

I was listening to a sermon today, preached almost two years ago on the chapter of 1 Samuel when the people of Israel demand a king. Their reason why they wanted a king? They wanted to be like other nations. Other nations had a king. Regardless of the warning from God given by Samuel to the people about the negative results of having a king – loss of personal property, children moved at whim, etc. – the children of Israel clamored for a worldly king.

Fast forward to the mid-late 1700s. The English Colonies here on North America were not happy under the rule of a king. They wanted the chance to make decisions for themselves, for their children. Obviously, they knew a nation without a leader was one that would fall quickly, so the system of checks and balances was established with three different branches of government at state and federal levels. The Patriots were willing to die for the chance to escape a monarchy, the standard government of the time of the nations of the world.

Summary so far: Israel wanted to be like other nations of the world and have a king. American Patriots/Founding Fathers wanted to be different from other nations of the world and NOT have a king.

Fast forward to present day. Socialism, whether “democratic socialism” or “communistic socialism,” is the common government of the world. When my grandpa was near my age, the country was at war with countries who were taking away the rights of the people of those countries. Even now, you hear people grumbling about Russia and how their people are treated by socialistic government, but the smooth talking politicians and wanna-be politicians who call themselves “civil rights leaders or advocates” point away from Russia to the countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, etc. who also have socialist governments. Those smooth-talkers are working hard to convince the descendants of Patriots, Minutemen, Sons and Daughters of Liberty, to point to those other countries and say, “We want to be like them.” They want the current generations of people of the United States of America to turn their back on the principle beliefs that began this nation in favor of being like everyone else who have no say in how their government is ran, which is a right being taken slowly away from us even now.

Look at the current presidential candidates. I do not believe I can call myself a Trump supporter, but he does my respect as the only presidential hopeful who is not pointing to other countries as examples of how we should be. He is the only candidate who is reflecting on our past and present situations saying we need to get back to the basic beliefs and Constitutional government of the Unites States of America.

Political Conscience

You can hardly go anywhere these days or even sign onto your computer without seeing something about the upcoming election. Sanders vs Clinton, Trumps vs Cruz vs Rubio vs Kasich.

I have been in near agony since Carson (my vote since he announced he was running for office over a year ago) dropped out of the race to the White House. Who am I going to vote for now?

Cruz, to me, is not trustworthy. I realize he’s done everything he has said he would do up to this point, but there is just something about him that makes me nervous.

Trump is, well, Trump. He and his family are all about the show and the drama and the power. He has allowed his followers to become to insanely violent! He encourages it! He has talked about making the military do what he wants; he has talked about not allowing the media (and you know I dislike the news media) to say anything bad about him. People at his rallys are being arrested and told they don’t have the right to protest regardless of how peacefully! Do you realize how many Constitutional rights he is talking about taking away from us?!

Rubio seemed like the last resort. I know very little about him other than he seems to fit the status quo of DC politicians. I shake my head in sadness to even write that sentence.

This election has made me angrier than ever that the cause for which my ancestor died, for which many, many men and women died, has left. We have politicians where we were supposed to have People!

Then Carson – and many others who claim Christ – announced their support for Trump. What on earth were they thinking?! Carson especially. I tried so hard to see in Trump what Carson sees. I tried to keep the open mind, and hey, he’s not a career politicians!!!

I just can’t find it in me to support him right now though.

Tonight, I had a brilliant remembrance. I’m not a Republican. I’m a Constitutionalist. (yes, there is such a political party.) I don’t have to vote for any of those candidates in the primary! I don’t have to betray my political conscience by declaring myself either a Republican or a Democrat (ha, yeah right) just for this occasion!

Don’t forget, we’re not a two party country. We are currently being ran into the ground by two parties, but they are NOT our only options! We will not have just TWO candidates come November.

Bible vs Constitution vs Friends

I am a born-again, Bible-believing follower of Christ. I’m not perfect and am the first to admit that. I place the word of God above my beloved Constitution. I have friends who are gay.

You might be thinking: wow, that’s incredibly random.

It’s not.

Tonight a friend broached the conversation I have actually been anticipating: do I know they’re gay (yup), and will that hinder our friendship (nope).

How can I be friends with a person who is gay? Easy. I can be friends with them the same way I can be friends with a drunk or a druggie or a slut or a divorcee. If these people do not claim Christ Jesus as their personal Saviour, if they do not claim to follow God’s word, I cannot judge them (think back to iron sharpening iron) as I would a follower of Christ Jesus who decides to sleep around or drink themselves to oblivion or give up on their marriage.

Jesus came to this world to save those who are lost. He associated with prostitutes and tax collectors. He promised a robber He would see him in heaven! Am I better than Jesus? No! No, I am not! So why would I not associate with those lost in various sins? How will they hear without a preacher?

In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that someone can go without knowing the plan of salvation, but if they were born into and raised in a church which twists and butchers the Bible to fit the agendas of their church leaders, they might have read bits of the Bible and still be lost.

I have other friends who was raised Catholic. They randomly call me up at various times in the morning (we live in different time zones) to ask what do I believe about an issue and can I back it up with the Bible? They ask the same questions of  family members in their churches and leaders of those churches. They cannot support their answers with the Bible. They’re lost because they were purposely led down the wrong path. Granted, now they are without excuse, but originally, they were ignorant because he trusted false prophets.

If I’m too busy judging to share the gospel with them, I firmly believe I will be held accountable for partial responsibility of their presence in hell.

Now. Christians who have strayed…well, that’s for another day.

For the Constitution part of this post (don’t worry, it’s brief). The Bible says that gay marriage is wrong. If the Constitution is altered to allow for gay marriage, I am to follow God before man which means in my world, it will still be wrong. Currently, the Constitution of the United States of America does not advocate or prohibit gay marriage which then allows it to become the rights of the individual States to decide. The federal supreme court recently completely disregarded the checks and balance system. They completely disregarded the Constitution and ruled that gay marriage should be legal. They are breaking the law (literally the Constitution by ignoring the rights of the States) and advocating illegal activity with their attempts at forcing elected officials to allow gay marriage even if it is in a state where it is illegal.

So. In the United States of America, the issue of gay marriage still follows the Biblical principle of no, it’s wrong. But, I will still have friends who are gay because I have friends who are divorcees. Because I don’t want anyone to burn in hell for all of eternity because I thought myself perfect and unable to tell them the good news.