Giving Control Back

In my opinion, Megan Trainor is one of the best on the radio these days.

She is stunningly beautiful and has a classic-sounding voice. Her music (and fashion) style take me back to what I imagine to be better days in the music history of America. Her songs usually put a smile on my face. Why? Because, well, they’re fun, and I think they encourage women to take back the control we used to have.

Feminists will have you believe that we were slaves to men in the past, that now is time for us to be empowered.

No. I’ve written this before and probably will again: women used to rule the world. Feminists are taking away power from us with the whole “be equal with men” spiel.

Dear Future Husband is possibly my favorite of her songs. The tune is catchy, and (with the exception of not knowing how to cook) it’s pretty spot on with my friends and I. It’s also reminding women that men have a responsibility to their wives and always have. She hits the older, 50s-style stereotypes and points out that some of them may not be true anymore (“you work the 9 to 5, but baby so do I.”). I don’t like all the lines (“cause if you treat me right, I’ll be the perfect wife…”) from a Christian standpoint, but overall, yeah. The men do need to remember and pamper the wife on anniversaries, not forget about the families of their wife, and treat her like a lady.

She has a new song out right now called NO. I am not fond of the music video, at all, but the song is one huge good point: No means No. Contrary to popular belief, when a girl tells a guy no, that’s exactly what she means, and he needs to back off.

What prompted this post today?

I was driving home and heard a radio host/DJ person introduce that song, NO, by saying something along the lines of, “Is it just me, or does Megan Trainor sound really maintenance?” I was not happy.

Feminists and poor parenting have now ingrained in the minds of today’s youth that demanding that you be treated special, as ladies should be treated because we are different than men, is being high maintenance. Guys should be finding some girl who doesn’t mind getting groped at bars whereas Megan Trainor actually says, “I don’t need your hands all over me.” Apparently that’s high maintenance these days.

Megan Trainor is working, whether she realizes it or not, to give control back to each individual women.


2 thoughts on “Giving Control Back

  1. I agree with you–women and men ARE different, and we should respect and value the differences of both genders. The fact that you believe that feminism is to blame for women not being treated with respect is evidence that you haven’t been properly informed about the true purpose of feminism, and I’ll admit, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about the true purpose of the cause. Feminism isn’t trying to devalue women, it is trying to do exactly the opposite. It asks not that we ignore the things that make the two genders unique and special, but that we don’t use these differences as an excuse to treat women as inferior to men. It asks for more respect, not less. If men in today’s society are treating women with less respect than they used to, this is because the media are showing them that it is okay to objectify, disrespect, and devalue women more than ever before. Feminism wants the same things that it sounds like you want–instead of pointing fingers at the cause, maybe you should research other sources of the disrespect that is all too common in our society.


    1. I am torn between wanting to join you in blaming the media and arguing the role the current feminist movement is playing in the treatment of men and women in this day and age, in my area, at least with women who call themselves hard-core, modern feminists.
      However, and this wasn’t quite as strong in this post as I wanted, I was actually very upset with whoever was that radio host/dj for saying she’s high maintenance for saying “no” to a guy in a bar and wanting to be treated better. That was what I was wanting to stress more but managed to direct it towards feminists instead.


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