History Repeats Itself

Disclaimer: In the following writing, I am NOT claiming America as the Promised Land of the Bible. I am NOT saying America is God’s chosen nation.

Now for the post.

I was listening to a sermon today, preached almost two years ago on the chapter of 1 Samuel when the people of Israel demand a king. Their reason why they wanted a king? They wanted to be like other nations. Other nations had a king. Regardless of the warning from God given by Samuel to the people about the negative results of having a king – loss of personal property, children moved at whim, etc. – the children of Israel clamored for a worldly king.

Fast forward to the mid-late 1700s. The English Colonies here on North America were not happy under the rule of a king. They wanted the chance to make decisions for themselves, for their children. Obviously, they knew a nation without a leader was one that would fall quickly, so the system of checks and balances was established with three different branches of government at state and federal levels. The Patriots were willing to die for the chance to escape a monarchy, the standard government of the time of the nations of the world.

Summary so far: Israel wanted to be like other nations of the world and have a king. American Patriots/Founding Fathers wanted to be different from other nations of the world and NOT have a king.

Fast forward to present day. Socialism, whether “democratic socialism” or “communistic socialism,” is the common government of the world. When my grandpa was near my age, the country was at war with countries who were taking away the rights of the people of those countries. Even now, you hear people grumbling¬†about Russia and how their people are treated by socialistic government, but the smooth talking politicians and wanna-be politicians who call themselves “civil rights leaders or advocates” point away from Russia to the countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, etc. who also have socialist governments. Those smooth-talkers are working hard to convince the descendants of Patriots, Minutemen, Sons and Daughters of Liberty, to point to those other countries and say, “We want to be like them.” They want the current generations of people of the United States of America to turn their back on the principle beliefs that began this nation in favor of being like everyone else who have no say in how their government is ran, which is a right being taken slowly away from us even now.

Look at the current presidential candidates. I do not believe I can call myself a Trump supporter, but he does my respect as the only presidential hopeful who is not pointing to other countries as examples of how we should be. He is the only candidate who is reflecting on our past and present situations saying we need to get back to the basic beliefs and Constitutional government of the Unites States of America.


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