Social Media Choir Preaching

This one will be relatively short here tonight.

I see a lot of my friends and family members posting things about topics like anti-abortion (which I am) and anti-LGTB (again, I am against that as well) on facebook. That’s great. Here’s the problem with that: I also know those people have very few friends outside of our Christian circle.

I have actually gone through the friends lists of some of them to find they had maybe 20 people that I don’t know personally, but we have 50+ mutual friends from some Christian college. It is absolutely great that they’re sharing those posts on facebook for their Bible-believing friends who hold the same values or beliefs on those different topics to see. My question: how is preaching to the choir helping anything or anyone? Unless you actually get out and talk to real people who are lost, I don’t know if it really counts as you standing up for your Biblical beliefs.

Now, post something about feminism in a Christian circle, sit back, and enjoy the drama that follows. Yes, I do in fact start such things when I am bored.


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