Hitting the Bullseye

It amazes and amuses me that such a liberal store has a logo commonly associated with guns and hunting – the bullseye.

Let’s look at their history but not the history they have on a timeline on their website.

Since I was little, Target has

* refused to allow the Salvation Army to post buckets and volunteers outside the store collecting funds for those in need.

* been anti-military by penalizing reservists called back to active duty.

* again refused to allow Salvation Army to stand outside their stores after a few years of it being permitted.

* refused to allow a long-retired Marine to be posted at the store collecting Toys for Tots.

* refused to acknowledgment the differences that make each child special by getting rid of anything that could be “controversial” in the toy section as far as is it for boys or girls?

* finally said there are no such things as genders, use whichever bathroom you feel like regardless of how it makes others feel.

One of my friends posted that the probability of a transgender person attacking a person in one of those mixed bathrooms is far less than that transgender person being attacked. So, maybe Target is actually anti-transgender if they are promoting and increasing the chances of a transgender person being attacked? There’s a thought, but I think they are trying to strengthen their liberal stance.

Here’s what they, and all the people bashing Christians and non-Christians who oppose mixed bathrooms are missing: we are not saying or insinuating that the transgender person is going to rape us or our kids. We are saying that this provides an opportunity for a straight pervert to attack us. All that criminal has to do is say, “I was born male but identify more as a female,” and they will be allowed in a bathroom with vulnerable girls of all ages. THAT is why the majority of people are so against Target and others allowing transgenders to use bathrooms for the gender not belonging to their body.

For as often as Target has missed the mark on their corporate policies, they need to either change their name and logo or enlarge that logo so they have a better shot of hitting the bullseye.


Postscript: You can read back through my older posts to see what my views are on the gays and such, but since I haven’t specifically covered transgender, here is my very concise thought on it:  To say that you were born in one gender but were meant to be the opposite is saying that God made a mistake. God does not make mistakes.


Giving Control Back

In my opinion, Megan Trainor is one of the best on the radio these days.

She is stunningly beautiful and has a classic-sounding voice. Her music (and fashion) style take me back to what I imagine to be better days in the music history of America. Her songs usually put a smile on my face. Why? Because, well, they’re fun, and I think they encourage women to take back the control we used to have.

Feminists will have you believe that we were slaves to men in the past, that now is time for us to be empowered.

No. I’ve written this before and probably will again: women used to rule the world. Feminists are taking away power from us with the whole “be equal with men” spiel.

Dear Future Husband is possibly my favorite of her songs. The tune is catchy, and (with the exception of not knowing how to cook) it’s pretty spot on with my friends and I. It’s also reminding women that men have a responsibility to their wives and always have. She hits the older, 50s-style stereotypes and points out that some of them may not be true anymore (“you work the 9 to 5, but baby so do I.”). I don’t like all the lines (“cause if you treat me right, I’ll be the perfect wife…”) from a Christian standpoint, but overall, yeah. The men do need to remember and pamper the wife on anniversaries, not forget about the families of their wife, and treat her like a lady.

She has a new song out right now called NO. I am not fond of the music video, at all, but the song is one huge good point: No means No. Contrary to popular belief, when a girl tells a guy no, that’s exactly what she means, and he needs to back off.

What prompted this post today?

I was driving home and heard a radio host/DJ person introduce that song, NO, by saying something along the lines of, “Is it just me, or does Megan Trainor sound really maintenance?” I was not happy.

Feminists and poor parenting have now ingrained in the minds of today’s youth that demanding that you be treated special, as ladies should be treated because we are different than men, is being high maintenance. Guys should be finding some girl who doesn’t mind getting groped at bars whereas Megan Trainor actually says, “I don’t need your hands all over me.” Apparently that’s high maintenance these days.

Megan Trainor is working, whether she realizes it or not, to give control back to each individual women.

History Repeats Itself

Disclaimer: In the following writing, I am NOT claiming America as the Promised Land of the Bible. I am NOT saying America is God’s chosen nation.

Now for the post.

I was listening to a sermon today, preached almost two years ago on the chapter of 1 Samuel when the people of Israel demand a king. Their reason why they wanted a king? They wanted to be like other nations. Other nations had a king. Regardless of the warning from God given by Samuel to the people about the negative results of having a king – loss of personal property, children moved at whim, etc. – the children of Israel clamored for a worldly king.

Fast forward to the mid-late 1700s. The English Colonies here on North America were not happy under the rule of a king. They wanted the chance to make decisions for themselves, for their children. Obviously, they knew a nation without a leader was one that would fall quickly, so the system of checks and balances was established with three different branches of government at state and federal levels. The Patriots were willing to die for the chance to escape a monarchy, the standard government of the time of the nations of the world.

Summary so far: Israel wanted to be like other nations of the world and have a king. American Patriots/Founding Fathers wanted to be different from other nations of the world and NOT have a king.

Fast forward to present day. Socialism, whether “democratic socialism” or “communistic socialism,” is the common government of the world. When my grandpa was near my age, the country was at war with countries who were taking away the rights of the people of those countries. Even now, you hear people grumbling about Russia and how their people are treated by socialistic government, but the smooth talking politicians and wanna-be politicians who call themselves “civil rights leaders or advocates” point away from Russia to the countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, etc. who also have socialist governments. Those smooth-talkers are working hard to convince the descendants of Patriots, Minutemen, Sons and Daughters of Liberty, to point to those other countries and say, “We want to be like them.” They want the current generations of people of the United States of America to turn their back on the principle beliefs that began this nation in favor of being like everyone else who have no say in how their government is ran, which is a right being taken slowly away from us even now.

Look at the current presidential candidates. I do not believe I can call myself a Trump supporter, but he does my respect as the only presidential hopeful who is not pointing to other countries as examples of how we should be. He is the only candidate who is reflecting on our past and present situations saying we need to get back to the basic beliefs and Constitutional government of the Unites States of America.

Social Media Choir Preaching

This one will be relatively short here tonight.

I see a lot of my friends and family members posting things about topics like anti-abortion (which I am) and anti-LGTB (again, I am against that as well) on facebook. That’s great. Here’s the problem with that: I also know those people have very few friends outside of our Christian circle.

I have actually gone through the friends lists of some of them to find they had maybe 20 people that I don’t know personally, but we have 50+ mutual friends from some Christian college. It is absolutely great that they’re sharing those posts on facebook for their Bible-believing friends who hold the same values or beliefs on those different topics to see. My question: how is preaching to the choir helping anything or anyone? Unless you actually get out and talk to real people who are lost, I don’t know if it really counts as you standing up for your Biblical beliefs.

Now, post something about feminism in a Christian circle, sit back, and enjoy the drama that follows. Yes, I do in fact start such things when I am bored.