Love Yourself

There is a movement on the wonderful world of social media about accepting people – especially girls – regardless of their size or shape. I can get behind that.

What I cannot get behind is the thought that there is nothing wrong with a teenager being over 300 pounds, or a young woman saying that she has curves when she in fact has rolls. There is a difference.

I have not and will not ever be a size 0-4. It is really not genetically possible for me or for my sister. However, that does not keep me from wanting to reach a healthy size to prevent weight-related disease such as CVD, DM, HTN, etc.

So when those posts are glorifying women who are bigger than the stick figures portrayed as the ideal-sized woman, I am glad they’re comfortable in their skin, but I’m also looking at the distribution of their weight thinking, “oh look, there’s a future patient of mine with heart disease.”

It is possible to still have beautiful curves while being healthy. Eating clean, less/no processed foods automatically gives you a jump on good health. Strength conditioning enhances or emphasizes natural curves.

This is not my most well-organized post; I may come back and edit it later to where it makes more sense, but it is important to me that while young women, or not as young women, have a healthy sense of self-confidence, they also realize that they need to have a healthy body.

Curves = good; rolls = bad


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