Political Conscience

You can hardly go anywhere these days or even sign onto your computer without seeing something about the upcoming election. Sanders vs Clinton, Trumps vs Cruz vs Rubio vs Kasich.

I have been in near agony since Carson (my vote since he announced he was running for office over a year ago) dropped out of the race to the White House. Who am I going to vote for now?

Cruz, to me, is not trustworthy. I realize he’s done everything he has said he would do up to this point, but there is just something about him that makes me nervous.

Trump is, well, Trump. He and his family are all about the show and the drama and the power. He has allowed his followers to become to insanely violent! He encourages it! He has talked about making the military do what he wants; he has talked about not allowing the media (and you know I dislike the news media) to say anything bad about him. People at his rallys are being arrested and told they don’t have the right to protest regardless of how peacefully! Do you realize how many Constitutional rights he is talking about taking away from us?!

Rubio seemed like the last resort. I know very little about him other than he seems to fit the status quo of DC politicians. I shake my head in sadness to even write that sentence.

This election has made me angrier than ever that the cause for which my ancestor died, for which many, many men and women died, has left. We have politicians where we were supposed to have People!

Then Carson – and many others who claim Christ – announced their support for Trump. What on earth were they thinking?! Carson especially. I tried so hard to see in Trump what Carson sees. I tried to keep the open mind, and hey, he’s not a career politicians!!!

I just can’t find it in me to support him right now though.

Tonight, I had a brilliant remembrance. I’m not a Republican. I’m a Constitutionalist. (yes, there is such a political party.) I don’t have to vote for any of those candidates in the primary! I don’t have to betray my political conscience by declaring myself either a Republican or a Democrat (ha, yeah right) just for this occasion!

Don’t forget, we’re not a two party country. We are currently being ran into the ground by two parties, but they are NOT our only options! We will not have just TWO candidates come November.



3 thoughts on “Political Conscience

  1. Unfortunately, the way our political system works out only the republican or the democrat can actually win regardless of what we think about it. No other party has been able to accumulate enough votes to even move the needle. Having said that, what is your objection to Cruz? He is usually the happy choice of most originalists and has a well proven consistent record that you can check on Conservative Review in spite of the media smear campaigns. It broke my heart when Carson endorsed Trump, I am still trying to figure that one out! But whoever you choose, you have a good heart and an interesting perspective. Best of luck!


    1. As long as people only vote Republican or Democrat, only those two parties will have a say in how this country works.
      As far as Cruz, it’s hard to actually put into words since on paper he looks like the perfect candidate.


      1. It is true, I have followed him a long time and feel confident. But, we must all follow our conscience and our hearts. You will do what is right for you and it will all hopefully work out. I have faith that it will.


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