Why I Will Not Celebrate Valentines Day

Interesting title, right? Maybe?

It is true though. When I date, am engaged, married, I will not celebrate Valentine’s Day. What is my reasoning? Glad you asked.

On approximately, or traditionally, the 14th of February back in the days of the Roman rule, Claudius, a Roman priest named Valentine was killed. Why? Well, he disobeyed the laws of the empire. You see, Claudius decreed that soldier were not allowed to be married or have a family. These were distractions to his troops and reasons for them not to enlist in his army. Valentine decided that this was ridiculous, regardless of precedence of other, even more ancient nations. He proceeded to perform wedding ceremonies for soldiers. He willfully disobeyed the law. I do not know if he was a born-again Christian, but he claimed the title of priest which meant he should have been studying the Word of God. Jesus taught obey the government if the government did not order you to sin against God. God inspired Paul to write that it is ok to not be married. So, my very simplified conclusion (drawn from other passages than just my references to Jesus and Paul): Valentine was going against God by going against his government. Why honor that?

(For anyone who might be saying, well, you’re not Catholic, so why would you honor or remember a saint anyhow: I honor and respect with remembrance those who are deserving of it. I do not worship or pray to them. Days meant for remembering saints are viewed the same day as remembering great world leaders – Washington, King Jr. – if I respect them and their actions. )

Followed by the next, even a more simpler of a reason: I do not need a special day to show someone how much I love them. I’m hoping/expecting my husband will get me chocolate on many days of the year, not just on the 14th of February.

I’m not going to take the fun away from my kiddos when they’re in school. I think it is good for kids, who are still learning social and life skills, to have a day set aside for showing love for others through flowers and those cute little cards you fold with stickers. I’m thinking they’re probably going to have lessons at home the days surrounding Valentine’s day on the different words used in the Bible for love.


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