Back in high school, I was one of the larger girls, a size 6-10 depending on the style and part of outfit (larger hips, smaller waist, larger bust). I was very self-conscious surrounded by sizes 0-2. I thought I was huge!

Now, I’m most definitely not a size 6-10. I’ve been going through old pictures and sorting through my dresser drawers to make more space. My brother recently discovered that over the summer, his new job and hobbies around the house caused him to lose enough weight that he can fit into clothes he had in junior high. He was quite happy to gain several more pairs of jeans. (He discovered this as he was cleaning out his closet too.) Realistically, even if I lose inches, I will not be able to fit back into my high school/junior high clothes like he can.

Going through those old pictures, I have determined that the day after a big exam, whether I pass or not, I will be found in the gym every day at some point. I am uncomfortable in my own skin. I hate clothes shopping again. I know I’m increasing my risk of cardiovascular disease by living a mostly sedentary life.

That’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because I want to encourage you to not compare yourselves to others. Do not make the same mistakes I did. I realize now I was in really shape in high school – NOT because of my clothing size, but because of my level of physical activity (sports, training, etc. I actually had defined 6-pack abs then.). I spent so much time comparing myself to my peers that I did not enjoy myself.

Now, I’m regretting that. I’m striving to not reach a certain clothing size – after all, they’re different around the world. I’m striving to feel confident again. Not sucking in my gut whenever I’m around other people. Being where I should be physically.

When you look at yourself, do not compare yourself to others. Look back at old pictures of yourself. Are you healthier and confident now? Or do you need to better yourself FOR yourself?


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