Each Must Die

You may have figured out by now, from reading my other posts, that I belong to the club of Netflix marathoners. I also belong to the Amazon prime marathoners. I always need to have a background noise when I’m doing something, and I am good at multitasking leading to a TV series always being on the background when I am studying or doing dishes or some other chore. It helps me to compartmentalize or focus on different things while still being aware of my surroundings. Sorry. Rabbit trail. Anyhow.

Vikings recently caught my attention as I started researching them having discovered my family name was traced to the Germanic tribes. Once, a boy on the show said something along the lines of “it is only death.” A chant throughout the series whenever a battle was fought ended with the line “and each must die some day.” I personally liked it.

Ancient Ops is another show I have recently begun watching. The Ghost Warriors and the Berserkers obviously were my two favourite groups shown. Again, they did not fear death. (Yes, I know I am being a bit redundant as the Berserkers were Vikings, but you’ll get over it.) Many of the ancient warriors went into battle accepting that if you die, you die. Everyone dies one day.

Let us now jump to the present day, shall we. In this day and age, many people fear death. Because of my job, I am in a position to see when people are faced with death – either their own or the death of a beloved one. So, so many people are scared of it! We have the five stages of grief that supposedly everyone goes through when faced with death or bad news ultimately leading to death.

I say supposedly because I’ve been faced with the death of a loved one, of several loved ones. I did not through the stages of grief with any of them. You see, I know that those who have died here on earth who were beloved by me are in heaven with our Lord and Saviour. I have that hope of seeing them again one day. Why did I need to go through the stages of grief when I know I will join them one day? However, I realize that not everyone is going to heaven. I know that is why people fear death. They do not have that hope. I have also realized that not everyone who I know who will die is going to heaven. I am doing everything I can to show them the love of God and His gift of salvation to us. If they do not accept that gift, they will be in hell for all of eternity.

We each must die. It is how we live that truly matters.

I know there are Christians who live in countries where those who believe in Jesus are killed for that belief. I have heard rumors that those Christians are traveling to like-minded countries to spread the gospel. The sense I can make of those rumors: they already face persecution, so they might as well take the good news others. It’s one thing for people in countries advertising freedom of religion to talk about taking the gospel into all the world and hope that if faced with persecution, they’ll stand strong for Christ Jesus. They do not have experience with persecution; they cannot relate. Christians faced with persecutions in their country can relate with those to whom they take the plan of salvation who will also be facing persecution. They can relate and share words of comfort with which we do not have experience.

I have often said, and received odd looks for saying, that I truly do not care if I live or die. It’s not that I am suicidal because I am not, but I truly do claim Philippians 1:21.

Each must die one day. Do you accept that? Or do you fear it? Will you live as if each day is your last day on this earth? Will you change how you live?


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