Lucifer’s Sinful Start

My good old partner and I pick up shifts together, and we come different spiritual backgrounds. I was raised Bible-believing and became a member of a Baptist church. He was raised Catholic. We have some deep-in-doctrine discussions when we work together. Last night was no different.

Before I continue, let me explain what my dear youth pastor called “headache questions.” They are the questions that humans have been trying to wrap their heads around for years. We can’t come up with good explanations and get headaches trying to do so (think free will vs predestination).

This partner of mine came up with a new one for us last night:

If Lucifer was a sinless creation, surrounded by the perfection of heaven, other sinless angels, and the Holy God, from where did his pride and desire to be above God come? Angels had free choice, but if God cannot take part in sin, where did the wrong choice originate? 

I was stumped. Speechless for a solid 2 minutes. I called my mum as soon as it reached a time when she wouldn’t yell at me for calling and waking her up. She was quiet and finally said she didn’t know how she would respond and asked how I did. I had told him that I felt that was a question I did not recall ever hearing addressed in church or school, and I might have to wait to ask God Himself.

At church, I asked seminary students, missionaries, a pastor, and two of my mentors (one is one of the seminary students). No one had an answer. Here’s what I loved: every one of them got huge grins on their faces and said it was a new headache question, but one they look forward to researching and studying.

So, I have now had over 7 hours to think about this. I haven’t stopped thinking about this question. I don’t think I have a complete answer, but I think I have a decent starting point.

As far as I recall, the Bible does not say when the fall of Lucifer and his followers was in correlation to the creation of the world. What if, it happened after the creation of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. After God told Adam and Eve to not eat of the fruit of that tree. What if that was what got the imagination of Lucifer wandering towards being more knowledgeable which led to being more powerful and then more powerful than God? That still doesn’t answer why he was thinking of that or went against our Creator, but it might be a start.

There’s your food for thought for the day. Enjoy your Sunday!


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