All the Single Ladies

A shorter post today.

The holidays are here.

I stood at a tree lighting and holiday concert (mostly Christmas), looking around me at the people. There were families with kids of different ages; the little ones made me smile. There were couples, some ridiculously sappy, some relatively normal. And there were the single folk like me watching the couples.

Suicides rates among our elderly population are highest this time of year. Drinking rates increase as well across the age groups. Why? Because this time of year is when people most feel alone.

Year before last Christmas, I, the elf of my family; friends; and co-workers, had the absolute hardest time getting into the Christmas spirit. I went through the motions of decorating and wrapping presents. I listened to Christmas music. I really tried, but there was no snow. I was single then too. It was hard. I finally got into it when I watched my extended family open presents from me; then I had the Christmas spirit.

Last year, I could tell it was going to be hard again, but my family kind of fostered another family which had three kids who hadn’t had the pleasure of hunting for a real tree or participating in small-town Christmas events. Watching their faces light up made me quite appreciative of all traditions and Biblical reasons for Christmas. I had the spirit the whole time.

This year, well, it’s difficult again. More of my friends got married over the summer, including friends quite a bit younger than me. There’s already been fiveĀ engagements this season in my age-group and my little brother’s age group with a wedding coming up for someone younger than me. It’s hard being single around the holidays.

I’m reminded that we are humans. We were not created to be alone. Women specifically were created for the sole purpose of being a help-meet for our husbands (I’ve written about this in an earlier post.). It’s ok to feel like we’re missing something this time of year because we are. But. Don’t let it ruin the experience for you. Enjoy time with your family and whatever friends you have. I am still praying for snow to help kick-start the feelings, but even without them, I still have plans for my family!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!


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