You know how some things stick with you the rest of your life? Some things fade over time?

As a country, we have people of all walks, gender, cultures demanding respect.

When I was in kindergarten, our very first lesson was to stand when an adult entered the room as a sign of respect. Every. Single. Time. The boys were then taught to stand when a lady approached as well. Again, this was a sign of respect. That’s not taught anymore.

I visited a school and not one student stood when I walked into the room. They did not stand when the principal walked in behind me. I approached a table full of boys, and guess what. None of them stood at that time either. In restaurants, I remember my manners. I am a lady, unfortunately now an adult, so when a man considered my peer comes over I stay seated. When I approach a table filled with men, only the older gentlemen still stand as a sign of respect.

How can people in this country demand respect when common manners which existed for hundreds of years and showed respect are no longer taught and demonstrated?

I was, again, watching Blue Bloods. In this episode, one of the women walked into the room with her sons. Her niece, brother-in-law, father-in-law, and grandfather-in-law all stood from their seated positions at the table when she entered the room. Her sister-in-law who is her peer, remained seated. I noticed this immediately.

When I watch shows such as Criminal Minds and Last Man Standing, the men always stand when a lady enters the room. In shows such as Blue Bloods which emphasize tradition and proper behaviour and manners, the children stand when an adult enters the room. Comedies which more liberal undertones and/or spurn tradition do not have their characters demonstrating the same level of respect.

The liberal parties cry out for respect for all, but they are part of the reason why respect is missing in this country. However, since this is not meant to be a political post, I’ll finish with this: I want to marry a man who stands when I walk into the room. He’ll stand when my mum walks into the room. He’ll stand when his mother walks into the room. He’ll stand when my dad walks into the room. He will know proper respect. Then, my children will be raised to stand when an adult enters the room. The sons will be raised to stand when a lady, even if she’s already in the room, approaches them. I’m going to do my part to help bring respect back into this country.


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