Enabling Epidemic

Innocent until proven guilty. Pure Science. True journalism requires footwork and and an unbiased mind. Three phrases that don’t mean anything anymore.

I’m reading articles from a national health organization (had I known how liberal it was, I would not have joined. Hindsight is 20/20.) which is supposed to find and attempt to solve flaws in public health. They’ve taken it upon themselves to expand their…scope of practice – for lack of better terms.

Prisons are filled because people break the law. If they break the law right out of high school and head to prison, they break the law right out of high school and go to prison. Why should they be above the law simply because they choose to learn to do drugs, join gangs, steal, etc.  instead of how to calculate algebra, balance elemental equations, or locate prepositional phrases? They had their chance to be educated as free men and women; their choices now lead them to be educated behind bars. They do not need to be given leniency simply because we’re currently lacking in prison space and, “oh poor them, they didn’t finish school. It’s the schools fault – we’ll blame them!” No.

Clean needle programs. I truly do not understand how anyone can actually these stations. To me, helping people get away with using heroin or other deadly drugs is the same as helping an illegal immigrant bring their whole family here – illegally. Telling the police “we know these are all criminals we’re helping, but they need safer ways to inject their drugs. please ignore your job and let us help them” makes those people accomplices to crime and enablers of deadly addictions. If the people going to the clean needle program stay away from the police, it’s because they know what they are doing is wrong, and they don’t want to get caught.

What a world we live in when a health organization which should be focusing on health problems decides they are qualified to interfere with police business. They have declared gun violence an epidemic. The Spanish Flu was an epidemic. Smallpox was an epidemic. Polio was an epidemic. Gun violence is simply the result of encouraged lawlessness in this country by the liberals who do not support the Constitution or the enforcers of the Constitution (aka the police or law enforcement officers). Accidental shootings is not an epidemic of gun violence; it’s a demonstration of stupidity in this country. I read a post this week about a woman who was shot because she put her loaded gun on the ground, and her dog stepped on it just right. I was taught gun safety from a young age, even before I was allowed to touch any of the guns in my family.

Gun safety should be taught in schools again if anyone truly wants to decrease the number of accidental shootings. Gang members should go to jail for illegal activities instead of being released in hopes they’ll do a 180 and change their minds about education. That will help lower the amount of violence involving guns. Clean-needle programs should be eliminated to help eliminate the number of addicts on the streets – addicts who have, as research done by liberals and conservatives and pure scientists has shown, been known to resort to violence (yes, including guns) to support their addiction.

Gun violence is not an epidemic. If anything is to be incorrectly labeled as an epidemic, it should be enabling stupidity as demonstrated by various organizations who have lost sight of their purpose.


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