Blood Legacy

I’ve been watching Blue Bloods. I absolutely love this show. I’ve been finding myself pausing it to reflect on my own family. I know this show is about the LE, and I come from a family of firefighters. Have you heard of Brothers in Badges? Yeah, that’s for a reason.

It’s not uncommon to find generations of cops in a department – like on Blue Bloods. It’s not uncommon to find generations of firefighters in a department – like my family. I’ve actually been trying to get my brother to join the department, but so far no dice. He hasn’t felt the call like me and the three generations ahead of me.

This is a shorter post just asking that you reflect on your family. What sort of legacy do you have? I’m not saying that you should follow exactly in the footsteps of your parents and grandparents. My mum is a nurse; my grandma was a nurse. A LOT of my cousins are nurses. None of my siblings nor I have any desire whatsoever to go into nursing.

The Reagan family, the main family in Blue Bloods if you’ve never watched it, have a strong, strong reputation in their circles for their integrity, their work ethic, their honour. That is a legacy every person should strive to leave for their children and grandchildren. That is a legacy towards which every person should work to maintain and strengthen.

My family has a reputation as being dependable, honest, and having a solid work ethic. We’re the quiet ones who stay in the background and make sure everything needed is done. We don’t like to be publicly recognized for what we do. Often, we are taken for granted as was the case this last week. My dad, brother, and I were up in arms about how my mum is being overworked and under-appreciated by her boss. She works every single minute of her shift doing her work and the work of slackers, yet she is the one called on the carpet for not doing enough as the slacker comes in from break number three with her coffee and cell phone. We were plotting until the reason and good-nature of my mum put an end to that. Oh yeah, we’re fiercely loyal to our family (and those we consider adopted into our family). That’s another thing for which we’re known.

For what are you known? For what do you want your kids to be known? I’m proud to be part of such a strong family, even though this week was a tough one for every single one of us – my mum and I struggling with co-workers, and the men in our family struggling to let us take care of it ourselves when their instinct is to protect us by solving our problems. I’m proud to be the latest in my family to join the ranks of my fire department. I’m proud of my legacy.


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