Enabling Epidemic

Innocent until proven guilty. Pure Science. True journalism requires footwork and and an unbiased mind. Three phrases that don’t mean anything anymore.

I’m reading articles from a national health organization (had I known how liberal it was, I would not have joined. Hindsight is 20/20.) which is supposed to find and attempt to solve flaws in public health. They’ve taken it upon themselves to expand their…scope of practice – for lack of better terms.

Prisons are filled because people break the law. If they break the law right out of high school and head to prison, they break the law right out of high school and go to prison. Why should they be above the law simply because they choose to learn to do drugs, join gangs, steal, etc.  instead of how to calculate algebra, balance elemental equations, or locate prepositional phrases? They had their chance to be educated as free men and women; their choices now lead them to be educated behind bars. They do not need to be given leniency simply because we’re currently lacking in prison space and, “oh poor them, they didn’t finish school. It’s the schools fault – we’ll blame them!” No.

Clean needle programs. I truly do not understand how anyone can actually these stations. To me, helping people get away with using heroin or other deadly drugs is the same as helping an illegal immigrant bring their whole family here – illegally. Telling the police “we know these are all criminals we’re helping, but they need safer ways to inject their drugs. please ignore your job and let us help them” makes those people accomplices to crime and enablers of deadly addictions. If the people going to the clean needle program stay away from the police, it’s because they know what they are doing is wrong, and they don’t want to get caught.

What a world we live in when a health organization which should be focusing on health problems decides they are qualified to interfere with police business. They have declared gun violence an epidemic. The Spanish Flu was an epidemic. Smallpox was an epidemic. Polio was an epidemic. Gun violence is simply the result of encouraged lawlessness in this country by the liberals who do not support the Constitution or the enforcers of the Constitution (aka the police or law enforcement officers). Accidental shootings is not an epidemic of gun violence; it’s a demonstration of stupidity in this country. I read a post this week about a woman who was shot because she put her loaded gun on the ground, and her dog stepped on it just right. I was taught gun safety from a young age, even before I was allowed to touch any of the guns in my family.

Gun safety should be taught in schools again if anyone truly wants to decrease the number of accidental shootings. Gang members should go to jail for illegal activities instead of being released in hopes they’ll do a 180 and change their minds about education. That will help lower the amount of violence involving guns. Clean-needle programs should be eliminated to help eliminate the number of addicts on the streets – addicts who have, as research done by liberals and conservatives and pure scientists has shown, been known to resort to violence (yes, including guns) to support their addiction.

Gun violence is not an epidemic. If anything is to be incorrectly labeled as an epidemic, it should be enabling stupidity as demonstrated by various organizations who have lost sight of their purpose.


Means of Entertainment

I was reading before I went to kindergarten. I was reading before I could talk. My sister and brother followed right behind me in having a higher reading level than any of our peers. In fourth grade, I read Fox’s Book of Martyrs simply because a teacher said only high schoolers should be able to read and comprehend it – and even then likely just seniors if that. I not only read it, I complete understood it and proved so by having that teacher quiz me on the material. My advanced reading level is still a point of pride as you may have noticed. I so dearly love my books. I enjoy my Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook as well, but nothing replaces that feel of a book in your hands, the turning of pages, the smell of a bookstore.

It drives me absolutely crazy when I hear someone talking about a TV show or a movie based (allegedly) on a book or series and then try to correct the person who has actually done the reading. “No, this is how it really happens because it’s what happened on last night’s episode.” Well….in the book written 50+ years ago, this is how the creator of the story had it happen. “You should really read the books; you would definitely appreciate the imagery if you think the show is good!” “I’m not much of a reader; I just wait for the movies to come out.”

Do these people know what they are missing?! Obviously not! This is why our culture and education is going downhill so incredibly fast! Very few appreciate the written word! Not only that, but look at the quality of what is passing as “literature.” Twilight. The Hunger Games. Fifty Shades of Grey.

I have not been able to read any of those books. (Truthfully, I did not even bother trying to read the Hunger Games since I know the Japanese version and dislike band-wagons.) I did not even make it through the first chapter of Twilight and stopped at chapter three in Fifty Shades. The quality of the writing was horrendous! I immediately went for my copy of Homer’s Iliad to try to nullify the damage I had just done to my poor brain.

Compare Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter to Twilight. Compare Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew to Fifty Shades of Grey. Can one truly say they are of the same level of quality? They have the same thought-provoking themes? The words used alone are leagues apart.

I led a protest at my old high school when I heard a new teacher had chosen to require high school students to read the Hunger Games instead of the Scarlet Letter. She also chose to have them read only Romeo & Juliet rather than the previous requirements of Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice as well. Thankfully, the school board agreed with me and those true examples of classic literature and drama were restored to the curriculum.

I was the student who curled up in the playground fort or on the gym stairs during recess with my books. I had my books at lunch. I read in the car. Punishment for me was having my reading light taken away from me by my parents. I was also the high school varsity starting athlete. It is possible to enjoy worth-while reading as well as remain active. This is a skill and a love which needs to be reintroduced in schools at an early age and reinforced throughout the years.

Blood Legacy

I’ve been watching Blue Bloods. I absolutely love this show. I’ve been finding myself pausing it to reflect on my own family. I know this show is about the LE, and I come from a family of firefighters. Have you heard of Brothers in Badges? Yeah, that’s for a reason.

It’s not uncommon to find generations of cops in a department – like on Blue Bloods. It’s not uncommon to find generations of firefighters in a department – like my family. I’ve actually been trying to get my brother to join the department, but so far no dice. He hasn’t felt the call like me and the three generations ahead of me.

This is a shorter post just asking that you reflect on your family. What sort of legacy do you have? I’m not saying that you should follow exactly in the footsteps of your parents and grandparents. My mum is a nurse; my grandma was a nurse. A LOT of my cousins are nurses. None of my siblings nor I have any desire whatsoever to go into nursing.

The Reagan family, the main family in Blue Bloods if you’ve never watched it, have a strong, strong reputation in their circles for their integrity, their work ethic, their honour. That is a legacy every person should strive to leave for their children and grandchildren. That is a legacy towards which every person should work to maintain and strengthen.

My family has a reputation as being dependable, honest, and having a solid work ethic. We’re the quiet ones who stay in the background and make sure everything needed is done. We don’t like to be publicly recognized for what we do. Often, we are taken for granted as was the case this last week. My dad, brother, and I were up in arms about how my mum is being overworked and under-appreciated by her boss. She works every single minute of her shift doing her work and the work of slackers, yet she is the one called on the carpet for not doing enough as the slacker comes in from break number three with her coffee and cell phone. We were plotting until the reason and good-nature of my mum put an end to that. Oh yeah, we’re fiercely loyal to our family (and those we consider adopted into our family). That’s another thing for which we’re known.

For what are you known? For what do you want your kids to be known? I’m proud to be part of such a strong family, even though this week was a tough one for every single one of us – my mum and I struggling with co-workers, and the men in our family struggling to let us take care of it ourselves when their instinct is to protect us by solving our problems. I’m proud to be the latest in my family to join the ranks of my fire department. I’m proud of my legacy.

Shape-shifter prefers Blonde

I have a lot to say about feminism, but this post will be addressing more of what actress Jennifer Lawrence posted about equal pay.

Here are my thoughts on that.

First of all, failing as a negotiator is not the same as failing as a woman or being paid less because of your gender. Failing in business is something that happens to women AND men. In that same little paragraph, she mentioned that she didn’t want to keep fighting over millions that she didn’t need. Why is she apologizing for being content? She showed maturity by not pushing for something she felt unnecessary, by recognizing enough is enough. I was impressed by her for that (sidenote: I’m really not a huge fan of her for so many different reasons which will probably come out throughout the rest of this post.). Then I read the rest of her post.

Jennifer Lawrence is on the right side of my facebook page or on twitter, pinterest, any social media really, for being cutesy and endearingly-clumsy, and well, quite frankly, the type of girl who won’t let the “dumb blonde” stereotype die. That is now coming back to bite her. The girl who has literally made millions is complaining because she thinks she is getting paid less than men because of her “adorable” personality.

I laughed when the first man she mentioned making more than her was Jeremy Renner. Jeremy Renner is what, twice her age? Obviously he has more real world experience than her. He has been on different sides of the industry, an actor and stage-hand (I’m really not sure what people behind the camera are called in Hollywood.). He can get higher pay for a few of the same reasons my mum, my dad, and myself can get higher pay at our jobs. He’s worth more because of his experience and can point that out to those paying him. He’s confident in his experience and can let those hiring know about his worth.

She herself said it: she’s a bad negotiator. She let her desire for people to like her overrule any business sense she has. This is not an example of guys getting paid more than girls. This is an example of a girl, who has chosen to just roll over and accept whatever is offered to her finally deciding to assert herself and actually being quite clever in now making it nearly impossible for those paying her to refuse a lesser, maybe more appropriate amount. Now, if you have her starring alongside an actor worth more such as Jeremy Renner, she’s going to be demanding the same amount and crying “it’s because I’m a woman” when they try to pay her according to her worth based on experience and talent, the same as they did with Renner.

See, I’m in an actual male-dominated and biased profession. I am someone to whom the average woman in the workforce can relate (Miss Lawrence also said that she realizes people can’t actually relate to her.). There are girls with whom I’ve worked who truly give those as myself a harder time being recognized. I have actually gone to my supervisors and told them I will not work with those girls again who cannot do our job which could lead to themselves, me, or the both of us suffering a severe injury. They’re not worth as much as me in our job. Very few – male or female – want to work with them. However, men and women don’t have a problem and request to work with me. This is not me being vain. This is me with solid work ethic and professionalism (thanks to my parents) being recognized for such qualities.

I don’t know Jennifer Lawrence personally. Interviews of co-workers lead me to believe she’s a decent person. However, I have also seen that she does play the dumb-blonde card excessively. I would not take her seriously and think her deserving of a level of pay as someone who stays out of the tabloids. Do you think if the difference of pay was between her and Natalie Portman that she would be protesting the difference between her and her co-workers? Or if roles were reversed, would she be advocating someone half her age making the same amount as her?

Bible vs Constitution vs Friends

I am a born-again, Bible-believing follower of Christ. I’m not perfect and am the first to admit that. I place the word of God above my beloved Constitution. I have friends who are gay.

You might be thinking: wow, that’s incredibly random.

It’s not.

Tonight a friend broached the conversation I have actually been anticipating: do I know they’re gay (yup), and will that hinder our friendship (nope).

How can I be friends with a person who is gay? Easy. I can be friends with them the same way I can be friends with a drunk or a druggie or a slut or a divorcee. If these people do not claim Christ Jesus as their personal Saviour, if they do not claim to follow God’s word, I cannot judge them (think back to iron sharpening iron) as I would a follower of Christ Jesus who decides to sleep around or drink themselves to oblivion or give up on their marriage.

Jesus came to this world to save those who are lost. He associated with prostitutes and tax collectors. He promised a robber He would see him in heaven! Am I better than Jesus? No! No, I am not! So why would I not associate with those lost in various sins? How will they hear without a preacher?

In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that someone can go without knowing the plan of salvation, but if they were born into and raised in a church which twists and butchers the Bible to fit the agendas of their church leaders, they might have read bits of the Bible and still be lost.

I have other friends who was raised Catholic. They randomly call me up at various times in the morning (we live in different time zones) to ask what do I believe about an issue and can I back it up with the Bible? They ask the same questions of  family members in their churches and leaders of those churches. They cannot support their answers with the Bible. They’re lost because they were purposely led down the wrong path. Granted, now they are without excuse, but originally, they were ignorant because he trusted false prophets.

If I’m too busy judging to share the gospel with them, I firmly believe I will be held accountable for partial responsibility of their presence in hell.

Now. Christians who have strayed…well, that’s for another day.

For the Constitution part of this post (don’t worry, it’s brief). The Bible says that gay marriage is wrong. If the Constitution is altered to allow for gay marriage, I am to follow God before man which means in my world, it will still be wrong. Currently, the Constitution of the United States of America does not advocate or prohibit gay marriage which then allows it to become the rights of the individual States to decide. The federal supreme court recently completely disregarded the checks and balance system. They completely disregarded the Constitution and ruled that gay marriage should be legal. They are breaking the law (literally the Constitution by ignoring the rights of the States) and advocating illegal activity with their attempts at forcing elected officials to allow gay marriage even if it is in a state where it is illegal.

So. In the United States of America, the issue of gay marriage still follows the Biblical principle of no, it’s wrong. But, I will still have friends who are gay because I have friends who are divorcees. Because I don’t want anyone to burn in hell for all of eternity because I thought myself perfect and unable to tell them the good news.