The Way It Was

When was the last time you took a moment to get outside of the city, to a park or a field or anywhere you can stand on clean grass away from concrete? Health educators of various specialties are encouraging this action after studies show that it increases one’s health status by decreasing stress as one connects with nature again.

Connects with nature again.

Do you ever look around and imagine what the area looked like before the wires and poles went up? Before the buildings were built and the roads were paved? When it was wilderness. When animals roamed free to play and live wherever they desired without being caught in headlights before being hit. Can you picture the natives setting up camp, laughing and talking as they did? Can you picture the hunters creeping around the trees as they stalk the food needed to feed their families? Laying the grass, staring up at the sky – maybe in the same spot where someone my age lay centuries ago as they escaped the stress in their life.

This is my idea of connecting with nature.

A favourite quote of which I do not know the author is “God made the country; man made the town.”

God created the Garden of Eden as paradise for humans, not New York City or London or Paris or Sydney. A garden!

The next time you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed, close your eyes. Tune out the sounds of the 21st century as you focus on the birds singing. Find a tall, old tree and sit beneath it thinking about the stories it could tell if trees could talk. (An incredibly interesting story and invention is shared below. Maybe they can’t actually talk, but this is so cool! I still get goosebumps listening to it.)

When you get away from everything, try to picture what it was like before pollution and the disturbances on the horizon view.


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