Serial Victims

Our police officers have become serial victims. They are being targeted for similarities in their profile (can you tell I watch Criminal Minds?) by random people. Those similarities? They want to help people. They want to protect us. They want to enforce the Constitution in which they believe. They’ve sworn to uphold the law.

The President of the United States of America always swears to uphold the law of the Constitution. Once upon a time, that used to mean something, but apparently the oath of office is now just words – kind of like when we would recited some vocab definition which we do not remember now.

During this slaughter of our local heroes – our police officers – the White House has been silent. For almost the last decade, they have encouraged lawlessness. This is the result. Some very, very naive people have said something along the lines of “oh, maybe they don’t realize there’s a war happening on our streets.” “What do you want them to do?”

What I want them to do: apologize for encouraging the murder of our men in blue. I want them to increase financial support for local law enforcement to be used as the boards and chiefs of local departments see fit. I want them to issue formal apologies to the widows and children to the families of our fallen heroes for their losses due to previous actions. I want them to feel remorse. And I want that remorse to be public.

I don’t want to see that a kid in Texas (important: I do think that teacher should face charges for a false alarm or at least lose her job.) get invited to the White House because he was suspected of having a bomb disguised as a homemade clock. Crime in schools has gone up. There have already been gunmen in schools this semester. Teachers are within their rights and are obligated to report threats. Now, if this kid had a history of causing problems, no one would be upset. In this case, the teacher showed a lack of judgment, but that child is not a hero. Why is he being called to the White House for public recognition when our law enforcement officers are being shot down without government support or recognition? Why can the government acknowledge the injustice (debatable) of a potential bomber being held on suspicion of terrorism (the week after the 9-11 anniversary during which terror watch is always high) but not acknowledge the true terror happening on our streets nationwide?

I saw a headline today about California (notoriously the most liberal state in the Union) wondering why they cannot find police officers to fill their dwindling ranks. The answer: CA supports every other decision made by liberal politicians; why should this war on law enforcement be any different? Why should law enforcement swear to uphold the laws of a state when the state(s) will not take action against those making police officers victims?

Until our police departments and officers have backing from the state and federal government – including the president – they will remain serial victims. Without our LEO to protect us, there will be many, many more drive-by shootings where more innocents will be killed. There will be more rapes, more burglaries. More chaos and lawlessness.

The moral of this story? When you see idiots like the barista at Starbucks or the server at Arbys mocking and treating our protectors like trash, support our police. Make sure they know they have your support. It will make their daily sacrifice that much more worth it.

Note: the writer of this blog is not in law enforcement nor is anyone in the family. They are a family of firefighters, EMTs, and nurses. They stand by their brothers in badges.



23 September

Since this post was written, new information has come out about that Texas kid which results in a change of mind concerning that teacher. They did 100% the right thing and should not face charges or loss of job.


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