We Need a Hero

I wrote this in June but wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to post it. The poor thing has been saved, just waiting, on my computer since then. Until now.

We Need a Hero

Growing up, I read very little outside of American history – biographies, autobiographies, historical fiction. I had this idea in my head of how America, how the United States of America, worked and the sort of people who ran it. That idea fit – about 200 years ago when my heroes lived. Now? Well, when I have children, I pray they’ll have the same heroes. The so-called leaders of the America of my time and, as of now, the America of their time will not be worthy of their admiration.

My ancestors came to this land in the early 1600s. I have had at least one ancestor fight in every, single, American War since that time. Some have not returned home. It sickens me that the America for which my family fought is in its current state of chaos. We’ve regressed.

Our elected officials have been members of the same families and circles for generations. This was fine back in the early days of our country with the John Adams and John Quincy Adams serving as President. The big difference between then and now? They both lived through the creation of and fight for American freedom. They lived under the tyranny of a strong federal government. They saw the flaws in that system. They advocated States’ rights and the rights of the People.

Davy Crockett, an American hero slowly become forgotten in the minds of Americans, served the Unites States of America as a Congressman. He had made his way in the world, on the frontier, at an early age. He knew the People because he was one of the People. Did he retire and sit around pushing his own agenda when his terms were finished? No. He went back to the People and served alongside them at the Alamo where he took his last stand and died defending freedom.

Clara Barton, a heroine among American nurses at one time, was all about helping people. She was not about numbers and how could she benefit from the ill-fortune of others. She started the American Red Cross and served numerous American soldiers during the Civil War. Afterwards, she honoured our dead by giving naming them in their final places of rest.

An American hero, an American leader, is not one advocates their personal agenda. They are not one who pushes for their political party. An American hero advocates the American People regardless of the personal sacrifices involved in such an endeavor. Currently, we have no one in power in America who can later be written and thought of as an American hero. Instead, we have selfish bigots who are so busy looking out for their personal gain that they are slowly but surely stripping We the People of our freedoms. We need a hero. We need a hero worthy of being named with Davy Crockett, Clara Barton, Ethan Allen, Nathan Hale, and so, so many more Early Americans.

26 June 2015


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