Where my Money Goes. . .

I have been told so, so many times in the last few years, “You shouldn’t shop there because that company supports abortion.” “You still get your coffee from there? They support gay rights.”

Here’s my thing:

  1. You do not want me to go without coffee, and since the coffee shop in question currently has a monopoly in my area, well, I will be going there!
  2. The corporate company supports those things, not necessarily the branches to which I go.
  3. I do not support those unbiblical acts, but I do want Americans to have jobs.
  4. If action is taken to where those companies cannot support those things, what’s to stop that same action stopping Christian corporations from supporting Biblical groups?

A lot of companies were originally Christian companies. The current leaders may not support those original beliefs, but there’s still hope that the future leaders will get back to what originally made their company successful.

If I were going to start my own business, say some sort of pastry or accessory to coffee, my business would not support gay rights or abortion. If that coffee shop were to approach me and request a partnership, I would turn them down. We have different moral beliefs and values which we support. I will not partner or go into business with an organization who goes against God. This is a completely Biblical decision.

Do not tell me though that I am supporting gay rights or abortion because of where I choose to shop or buy coffee. If everyone did their research and only frequented places which supported Biblical principles, we would be back to the good ol’ days of raising sheep, harvesting wool, carding and spinning that wool, weaving our own material, dying that material, and then fashioning clothes. And that’s only one aspect of daily living.

Are you able to do that? No?

I actively support pro-Biblical groups. What amuses me is taking and posting pictures of Christian activities being hosted in those stores. Bible studies being held in that coffee shop. They’re supporting spiritual growth; they just don’t realize it.

That being said, there is a store I will not frequent again until they come under new management and make changes because of their political and spiritual stances, but that’s a different post.


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